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Nowadays, desks have a wider variety of uses, other than just in offices and classrooms. People buy desks to place in their homes, even if they do not work from home. As long as you have a computer in your home, you will probably need a desk. For example, if you enjoy gaming and spend a lot of your time on the computer, having a comfortable office desk will come in handy. Some of the popular timber desk designs are highlighted below.

Modern Double Duty

This design is quite popular in homes because it serves as an all-purpose desk. It can function either as a working surface or as a serving platform. The top can also be opened to reveal a small storage space, which can help to avoid clutter on the surface.

Parson Tower Computer Desk

This is a more versatile timber desk design, yet quite simple. This design has been popular for decades now and continues to be a choice for many. It has a large top surface and ample storage that ensures the top stays clutter-free. It is also a great choice to use as a console table.

Desk Designs for Gaming Rooms

1. L-Shape Design

The L-shape desk design is the most ideal for playing online casino games. That is more of the case if you are an avid gambler and you want to play at Riverbelle online casino and use more than one computer at the same time. The design of such timber desks will ensure that both screens are easy to access.

2. Vitesse Style

This desk design looks quite simple, but it is very comfortable. It ideally has a flat long top with stands on each side. The top is long enough to fit more than one screen. The bottom is spacious enough to swing your chair as much as you want, which is handy during the tensioned-filled gaming moments.