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As a new homeowner looking to buy furniture for your home, you should consider investing in the ones made of solid wood. They can be a great addition to your home, adding a sophisticated and rustic sense of charm to your décor. Some of the other top reasons why you should invest in timber furniture are highlighted below.

They Last

Furniture made of wood usually lasts long, especially when they are well built. It is quite common to see a wooden piece of furniture passed down from one generation to another, while still in good condition. A piece of furniture that will last for almost a lifetime offers excellent value for money.

They Are Easy to Clean

Timber furniture usually doesn’t get dirty easily, especially if they are not exposed to dust. When they do get dirty, cleaning them is quite easy. You can use a piece of soft cloth to dust them or wipe away any dirt that may be on it.

They Are Well Built

Timber furniture build by a handyman at the workshop is usually of a higher quality than mass-produced furniture. That means that they are more sturdy, unlike the flimsy mass-produced furniture that can break easily. Timber furniture is particularly an excellent choice for a home with playful kids.

They Usually Do Not Require Any Assembly

Other types of furniture usually need you to do some kind of assembly. The process of assembly can be quite frustrating and takes a lot of time. With solid timber furniture, you do not have to worry about any kind of additional work. They do not have long and complicated manuals to follow.


Unlike mass-produced furniture, wooden pieces of furniture are often unique, thanks to the skills and creativity of the craftsmen who make them. They will stand out in your home and are likely to be the centre of attraction in whichever room you place them.